DA Assist will take the stress out of the Council Approval process for you. At DA Assist, our team of experienced engineering and construction consultants offer the highest quality project management technical building services with exceptional value for money. Whatever your project size or specifications, we provide peace of mind that your cost and time objectives will be achieved.

Project Outline and Feasibility

We would work with you to determine what your key outcomes are for your next commercial or residential development. It will be then be our task to determine whether these are feasible.

Design Layout, Architectural drawings and Development Application

We would then engage architectural draftsmen to draw a concept layout based on the approved sketch layout and key design outcomes.

Detailed Integrated Design and Construction Certificate Stage

At the completion of the Development Application approval process, Council will provide you with Council DA approved stamped copies of your plans and a Development Application Control Document.

Construction Stage

This is the occupation certificate stage. DA Assist will facilitate in the process of constructing your approved development as per the Australian Building Code and the approved Council Plans Conditions in your development application.