A property development of any size brings significant risks. DA Assist specialises in managing those risks while overseeing resources, costs, quality, compliance and time to ensure your project is a success. From the initial feasibility and cost plan through to the quality of construction and return on investment, we have the expertise to look after your interests and manage your property.
DA Assist services include:

• Formulating a master plan
• Procurement of design team
• Managing design production, development and revisions
• Management of tender documents, tender submissions and contracts
• Preparing master and status programs regularly to check milestones
are met
• Coordinating and preparing all works approvals
• Cost management including valuation of variations, progress claim
certification and final cost forecasting
• Managing the final inspection, handover of works, certificates of
compliance and final accounts
DA Assist offers their project management and technical support services in 4 distinct project stages.


We would work with you to determine what your key outcomes are for your next commercial or residential development. It will be then be our task to determine whether these are feasible given an:

Initial site assessment,

The local and state government planning constraints,
Australian building standards
Aesthetics, landscaping, fixtures and fittings
As well as most importantly initial costing’s for each of the design elements and the construction phase of your entire project.

At the the development, a project brief with a list of your key design outcomes and initial budgets for costs associated with the submission of your Development Application and Construction Certificate plus an overall detailed estimation of the actual cost of construction for the development.

We would then engage architectural draftsmen to draw a concept layout based on the approved sketch layout and key design outcomes outlined in stage 1. These concept drawings would then be presented to you for discussion, feedback and changes. Once the concept layout drawings have been amended and approved to your satisfaction the architectural draftsmen will then proceed to completing drawings for the submission of the Development Application.

At the end of this process DA Assist will submit these plans as well as any supporting information required by the local council or authority assessing the application.

At the completion of the Development Application approval process, Council will provide you with Council DA approved stamped copies of your plans and a Development Application Control Document. The Control document will list a number of approval conditions or requirements that need to be completed as either before or during constructon as stipulated in the control document.

Typically details of various design elements such as structural design, stormwater design, basix requirements etc would all need to be integrated into the approved DA drawings and submitted to council prior to construction in order to obtain the construction certificate. DA Assist will facilitate the process of integrating the various design elements required by Council for the Construction Certificate approval.

DA Assist has good relationships with experts in planning law, civil engineering, hydrological engineering, bushfire assessment, traffic engineering, architecture, sound engineering, landscape design, arborism, colour consulting and artist impressions to help meet all of these requirements.

This is the occupation certificate stage. DA Assist will facilitate in the process of constructing your approved development as per the Australian Building Code and the approved Council Plans Conditions in your development application.